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We are brand builders. We help you with branding, marketing and customer experience strategy.

Let our strategic advisors take care of your brand while you focus on growing your business.

Welcome to MARQETR

Pronounced as mar-ke-ter, we help Startups and SMEs, Corporate clients, business leaders and influential individuals, build their brands that are anchored in customer-centricity, using effective strategies and executions which are backed by data and insights. Choose from the options below to get started.

It is vital to know the health of your brand and its position in the marketplace in order to restrategise following COVID-19. Conduct a Brand Audit today. Contact us to arrange a free consultation.

Brand Audit

Celebrate Milestones

Give a gift of a revamped personal or c-level branding for your friend, colleague or loved one. Choose from our range of eGift Cards to celebrate career occasions, achievements or milestones.

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Join Our Panel of Marketers

Have you got what it takes to be a performance driven marketer and a brand builder? Join our panel of on-demand marketers and be a part of our collaborative ecosystem.


Private Preview

We are currently in the process of digitalising the way we work and pivoting to a tech platform, and we want to make sure that the technology that we're building, works properly for you. Only a handful of people will get to see the pre-released product. Submit your interest to be a part of our private preview sessions, where you will get to test, create and try to break a new product!

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Meet Our Board and Founder

Meet our Board of Directors and Advisors, the senior leaders who have extensive experience in building and growing sustainable brands.

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About Us

The passion for excellence led us here. Driving change and transformation for brands.

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Good branding is important. Trust the data


The Evolving Meaning of Branding


From the time of Ancient Egyptians and Artisans to the modern day brand builders and marketers, the role and meaning of branding has evolved over the centuries from purely as an identification of ownerships and product identification to a much more deeper and meaningful role - one that can evoke strong persuasive emotions through compelling storytelling to trigger purchase and considerations. Here is the snapshot of the evolving meaning of branding.

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Our Featured Service

Executive Outsourcing: 

Consulting CMO

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a senior strategic branding and marketing leadership role in an organisation, while the "In-Residence" is a position popularised by the tech industry and venture capitalists, as a short-term position typically 6-12 months to serve a specific purpose in the tech/VC company. In recent years, due to the rising demand and increasing popularity, the two roles were combined, and the CMO-In-Residence (CIR) offering was created.


CIR is a cost-effective solution for companies in need of dedicated branding and marketing guidance, without the expense and overhead of a full-time, C-Level team member. CIRs services help alleviate the responsibility placed on firm leadership to satisfy the marketing role - a discipline that is often outside the areas of expertise for a President/CEO, COO or CFO. Services offered under our CMO-In-Residence engagements are tailored to individual clients.


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Client Charter - Our Commitment to You

At marqetr, we are committed to providing the best service and the highest quality of work for our clients. Customer-first approach is our ethos.


We will take great care in handling matters relating to our clients, business partners, personnel and community. We will strive to have care factor, decency, privacy, respect and thoughtfulness in everything that we do. 

Know Our Clients

We will get to know our clients to the best of our ability, understand their goals, aspirations as well as their pain-points to be able to offer the best solution based on their readiness and affordability.


We will conduct ourselves with integrity and professionalism, for and with our clients, and we ask for our clients to give the same respect and professionalism to our all of our personnel and staff involved.


Towards maintaining our client's best interest as the governing influence of our services, we will strive to provide reliable and quality services by ensuring that all our personnel involved have the necessary skills and expertise.


We will strive to be at the forefront of trends and changes within our industry and its related industries, to be able to offer the best creative and innovative advice, strategy and/or solution to our clients.