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About Us

We are simplifying access to marketing experts for businesses and creating a better and easier way of working together.

At MARQETR, we understand that marketing plays a pivotal role for start-ups and SMBs, however, access and flexibility to connect and hire the right marketers can be limited – it is often catered to companies with extensive financial resources. Our solution is rooted in inclusivity, diversity and flexibility by breaking down the barriers to marketing talents, and to democratize the way marketers and businesses connect and collaborate with each other.

We are a 2-sided on-demand tech-enabled platform. Operating like the “uber of marketing”, we help businesses save time and money, and be in control of their marketing cost and resources by providing access to vetted and verified on-demand high-skilled marketers. We also help marketers be in control of their marketing careers where they can work flexibly and earn income their way, anytime and anywhere.

MARQETR | About Us - Simplifying Access

Our WINS Cultural Core Principles

Anchored in our FIT values: Fairness, Integrity and Transparency, our WINS culture is core to our brand and how we do things at MARQETR.

Winning Mindset   

At MARQETR, we are all about our people. When things get tough, and often times they will, we strive to remind each other that if we work together towards a common goal, we can overcome any challenges. 

Inclusivity and Diversity   

We believe in being fair and inclusive with our team members and stakeholders. It is only when diverse points of views are heard and taken into consideration, can we operate with integrity in everything that we do, building the checks and balances that keep us honest, and operating with transparency.

Nimble and Flexible   

We believe in order to keep growing, we have to stay nimble and flexible. That's why we give our team members the freedom to do their best work, giving them the autonomy to do their work whenever or however they need to, in order to deliver exceptional results.

Supportive and Collaborative   

"How can I help?" is our mantra at MARQETR. We encourage our team members to be supportive and collaborative with each other, bringing their best "whole" selves to work, cultivating a healthy and sustainable working environment and in turn, enabling them to take care of themselves, their loved ones and their community. 

What We're Focusing On

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Economic Opportunity

Creating inclusive economic opportunities is at the heart of our mission. Our marketplace empowers businesses of all sizes and all types of marketing professionals, whether independent or employed, to connect and work together in new ways. We’re helping marketers from the experienced superstars to the rising stars, the career breakers and the newbies of the industry, to capitalize on their expertise, in a world where on-demand marketing experts are at the heart of every business.

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Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint from our greenhouse gas emissions to our water use, paper use and waste, and enabling our customers to do the same. Powered by technology stack efficiencies, our remote and flexible work model reduces the need for business travels and work-related commutes between business users and our on-demand marketing experts. We’re leaning into this space and finding new and better ways to support a more sustainable world.

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Equality & Belonging

We believe that when you decide that equality isn’t optional, not only do the gaps between us close, but a whole new world of possibilities opens. By fostering a deep sense of belonging for our teams and the community of marketers, we are building the foundation necessary to drive systemic, sustainable change within our business and beyond. We believe that the more diverse and inclusive our team and our pool of marketers become, the higher our creative potential as a company.

Pledge 1% Initiatives

Our Pledge 1%

PledgeOneLogo Transparent.png

In June 2022, we became a proud member of Pledge 1%, a global movement that inspires, educates, and empowers every entrepreneur, company, and employee to be a force for good. As a small company, we have made a pledge to divert 1% of employee time to charitable causes. We made that pledge publicly so our customers and staff would hold us accountable. 

Our employees are given special paid leave days to volunteer with their favourite causes – from tutoring and mentoring to soup kitchens and affordable housing, and just about everything in between. Now, we are encouraging other companies to do the same through Pledge 1%.

Bright Gradient

Who Are We

MARQETR was founded by Mawarni Adam in 2020. The ideation and proof of concept, however, began as far back as 2015 when she set-up an "on-demand network of marketers" that she can work with for her boutique marketing consultancy, in order to achieve cost and resource efficiencies, as well as to cater to the flexibility that businesses and marketing talents/experts were looking for. So, when the pandemic hit in 2020, and remote and flexible work became the new norm, she believed it was the right time to launch MARQETR. Using no-code and low-code tools, she built the early versions of MARQETR.

Today, MARQETR is a business with 4 revenues models based on (1) monthly subscriptions for business users, (2) sliding take-rates or platform fees for on-demand/freelance marketers, (3) content/media production with MARQETR Studio launched in November 2022 and (4) e-learning courses with MARQETR Academy launched in December 2022.

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