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By Harmandar Singh

This is a book of random thoughts from my writings over the years. Advertising has been very much my raison d’être, hence the stories in my new book reflect my journey in an industry I believe is the catalyst for commerce. I have had a journey that has been both abruptive and disruptive.

There is no chronological order or continuity in the chapters, as each is a window by itself any semblance of order is purely coincidental. Because these distillation of thoughts is what you would call a snapshot of my experiences articulated in my own personal style, weaned over the years as a copywriter.

This is my first book as a published author, so I am not what you would expect if you’ve read famous novelists. Having said that, there are only two authors on the planet that are in my topmost list: Salman Rushdie and Khushwant Singh.

I apologise to language purists who may find my syntax awkward. I simply reinvented the way stuff is said as I went along in the book.

The only rules of the language I respect are the ones that my feelings tell me are right or wrong. Through playful accidents and hybrid connections, copywriters have added to the lexicon over generations. For example, “simping” is actually a word birthed as internet slang. Though I’ll never use it. So there.

The silent sarcasm in my observations is there by default. It is something I cannot control, and hopefully I will never have to. Discerning readers will appreciate its twists.

And if you are wondering if I am a real Rainmaker, it is actually a self-proclaimed moniker I have adorned myself with shamelessly. This book is also dedicated to my staff, all rainmakers in their own right. So after bestowing almost 2,000 awards to deserving winners in the industry, I am finally awarding myself this Rainmaker badge.

And that feels good!

Finally, as a copywriter, I hope this preface provokes you to buy a copy of the book.

Otherwise, I will have failed in my sell.


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