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Close your capability gaps, fast, with MARQETR and be in control of your marketing cost and resources. Find and engage the marketing experts your way, anytime and anywhere because we know, your marketing work can't wait.

Join us for free by registering as a client, and access a supported ecosystem, with a growing network of marketing experts that have been vetted and verified to accelerate development, growth and sustainability of your brand.

Minimize risks by using our platform to secure contracts, get payments and to centralize your collaborations, communications and tools. Enjoy rewards and incentives as the extra boost for all your hard work too.

MARQETR | Save Money

Save Money

Close capability gaps efficiently and save money

MARQETR | Save Time

Save Time

Find and engage marketing experts quickly and easily

MARQETR | Experts Network

Experts Network

Marketing experts for your brand at your fingertips

MARQETR | Rewards & Incentives


Recognitions to boost loyalty and productivity

Who can sign-up as clients?

Individuals and companies, from startups, micro and small businesses, enterprises to large corporations.

What to expect as a client on MARQETR:

  1. If there are marketing experts matching your project requests, you will get notifications via email or the app within 24-72 hours.

  2. If you are interested to work with any of them, you have up 72 hours to respond and shortlist, and up to 7 days to confirm your decision.

  3. During the 7 days, you can schedule calls with the shortlisted marketing experts to get to know them and do a chemistry check.

  4. Once confirmed, you will make payments and sign contracts of engagement and the marketing experts will do the same.

  5. MARQETR will collect the payments and the funds are kept in the escrow until the assignments are complete.

  6. Once the assignments have been completed, 80% of the funds will be assigned to your marketing expert and will remain as pending for a 7-day clearing period, for financial processing and to ensure your satisfaction.

  7. After this period, the funds will be cleared for release to the marketing expert via online transfers to his/her bank accounts.

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