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Hire Marketers

Close your capability gaps, fast, with MARQETR and be in control of your marketing cost and resources. Find and engage the marketing experts your way, anytime and anywhere because we know, your marketing work can't wait. 

Use the self-service feature by creating a free account and submitting your own brief or request. 

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We are on a mission to simplify access to marketing experts for startups and SMBs, and creating a better and easier way of working together. 

MARQETR | Save Money

Save Money

Close capability gaps efficiently and save money

Save Time

Find and engage marketing experts quickly and easily

MARQETR | Experts Network

Experts Network

Marketing experts for your brand at your fingertips

MARQETR | Rewards & Incentives


VIP access to top rated talents and special privileges

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Project Request

Sign-up for free and submit project request to get matched with solutions and experts. Minimize risks and enjoy peace of mind by using our platform to secure on-demand marketing talents, sign contracts digitally, and make payments centrally. Your payments will be held in escrow and will be disbursed according to agreed milestones. 

For All Types of Companies

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We believe marketing experts and expertise should be accessible by all types of companies, at different stages of their business cycle from launch, early stage, growth, maturity, and even through a trough. That's why we built MARQETR so we can help everyone achieve the best that they can with the right marketing talents and solutions for their business needs. Hire a solo marketer or as a team, scale or downsize, on-demand and as you go.

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We Do the Heavy-lifting So You Don't Have to

Operating like the "uber of marketing, we make it easy for you to search for services, review your on-demand talent matches and confirm it. It's that simple! Actually, it's a long complex process. With 35+ matching factors and 145+ data points available for the smart-matching algorithm, we do the heavy-lifting so you don't have to. 

FAQ for Business Users

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