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Join as a Freelance Marketer

Build your marketing career, business or practice with MARQETR. Work and earn income your way, anytime and anywhere. Join a growing network of on-demand marketing experts, and access relevant projects that match your skills and experience.

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We are on a mission to simplify access to marketing experts for startups and SMBs, and creating a better and easier way of working together. 

Make Money

Full-time, part-time or weekend gigs


Work your way, anytime

Remote Work

Work your way, from anywhere


Incentives for productivity

How It Works

As a freelance marketer, you’ll pay a sliding fee based on your total lifetime billings with every new client. Because we want to give you the flexibility to change contract types as you work together, we count all your contracts with a client –– whether hourly, fixed-price, or short/long-term projects.

Due to current economic conditions and to ensure our freelance marketers can keep more of their earnings, we have revised our flat-service fee of 20% to the following tiered rates:


service fee applied to $0 - $1,000 in earnings from a client.


service fee applied to $1,000.01 - $10,000 in earnings from a client.


service fee applied to $10,000.01 or more in earnings from a client.

*Sliding fees don't apply to Enterprise Solution. Agencies on MARQETR are subject to the same service fee structure as above. Earnings are based on USD equivalent.

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Project Match

Join as a marketer and get ready to be matched with project requests that suits your skills, expertise and experience. Work on brands that you love, projects that you're passionate about and work that is meaningful to you. Minimize risks and enjoy peace of mind by using our platform to secure projects, sign contracts digitally, and get paid centrally. Your payments will be held in escrow and will be disbursed to you according to agreed project milestones.

For All Types of Marketers

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We believe that all types of companies should have access to all types of marketers, from individual professionals, consultants and agencies, who have the experience working with global brands, SMEs, start-ups and business leaders. That's why we welcome marketing experts across different marketing discipline to enable a win-win match with brands for mutual growth. 

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Supported Ecosystem

With a growing network of vetted and verified marketing experts, you have the flexibility to do the projects individually or in teams. Preset your preference and prep your e-team or e-agency before hand when responding to project matches. Scale or downsize the size of your team as you go, all within a supported ecosystem. Need to upskill, reskill your marketing skills? We've got your back with collaborative courses and gamified experience.

FAQ for Marketers

Have Questions?
We Have Answers

  • What happens when I submit a project brief?
    If you have created an account with us prior to submitting the brief, we will go ahead and process your request by recommending a marketing solution and the corresponding budget. At this point, you will have a choice whether to take the recommended solution proposed by MARQETR or leave it open for your matched Marketing Experts to propose a solution to you. It will take us between 48-72 hours to find the right Marketing Experts in our database, who match as closely as possible to your project brief. Why turnaround time (TAT) of 48-72 hours? We are committed to providing you the best service and this is how we will spend the time is achieving so: First 24 hours: Understanding the project brief and recommending a solution/proposal with budget. Second 24 hours: We run the smart matching algorithm to find the experts that can deliver the solution based on your business profile, and invite the matched marketing experts to respond to your project request. They will have 24 hours to do so. Final 24 hours: We will compile the Marketing Experts that have responded, conduct final checks and prepare to email or notify you for your review. 3 Marketing Experts will be emailed and/or ping-ed to you via available channels, and you can begin your discovery and exploratory process with them for your project, by contacting them directly via email or chat messaging. You will have approximately 7 business days to complete your review process with the Marketing Experts. Why only 7 business days? Our Marketing Experts may have other opportunities waiting for them, therefore we encourage business users to give prompt and preferential attention to the process in making your selection and decision. Once the negotiation is finalized, terms and milestones agreed by both parties, the Marketing Expert will trigger an e-Contract via MARQETR to be issued to you. Once you've signed the contract, MARQETR will issue the payment request to you via an escrow platform. Once you've made the payment into the escrow account, we will notify the Marketing Expert that payment has been received and work can commence. We use Tazapay as our secured and safe escrow payment gateway MARQETR does not interfere with the work between you and the Marketing Expert but we do check in at regular intervals to ensure that the workflow is progressing well for both parties.
  • Can I see more than 3 matched freelance marketers?
    If your project request has more than 3 matches, yes of course you can. However, to be able to do so, you will have to upgrade to a subscription plan to unlock the gated feature.
  • What types of marketers will I find on
    We strive to be as inclusive and diverse as possible. We welcome individual professional marketers and brand builders, teams of marketing experts, marketing agencies and consultancies and CX experts, who are highly-skilled and experienced across various marketing disciplines. We also welcome aspiring talents who wish to grow their marketing careers and hone the skills and experience within the industry and learn from senior marketers who are also registered on As a business user, when you submit a project brief or request, you may find yourself matched with marketing experts from a diverse background and team set-up, from super senior marketers to aspiring marketing talents who are on the right trajectory for growth, eager and driven to work on your projects.
  • How does MARQETR charge business users for using the platform?
    It is FREE to sign-up as a business user, where you will have access to 3 matched marketers for your project brief. However, if you'd like to see more than 3 marketers per request, you will have to upgrade to any of the affordable available premium subscription plans that best suit your needs. View the Premium plans here:
  • Can I transact away from once match made?
    For safety and security purposes, please keep your transactions on Freelance marketers that have been registered with MARQETR who want you to provide services outside of are not only violating our Terms of Service, they're subjecting you to potential fraud. We are only able to protect you as long as you conduct your transaction on the MARQETR platform. In the event that there are messages or services information that occured outside of and brought to our attention, and includes payment details, will be subjected for review against our Terms of Service which may result in delay in orders, warnings, suspension or disabling of an account on MARQETR.
  • What if I change my mind and want to change the marketer or cancel order?
    We do not recommend changing the marketer after the project has already commenced. To avoid such a situation, please conduct a thorough review process with the marketers before confiming the project and making the payment, in order to avoid any issues and delays. That said, in warranted situations, changing of marketers will be handled on a case to case basis by emailing our support team. To cancel, provide an explanation to your freelance marketer on why you want to cancel the project and submit your request to our support team. Then wait for request acceptance or rejection.
  • What if I need to hire multiple freelance marketers for the 1 project?
    If your project is big enough to require multiple freelance marketing talents across different disciplines like strategy, creative, copywriting, media planning and buying, execution and reporting, your project request will be matched with the following experts with skills and expertise required on, for example: - a lead marketer who has formed his or her own e-team or e-agency on - a full-service agency or consultancy that's been registered on - a solo marketer on who can do it all.
  • Are the on-demand/freelance marketers, employees of MARQETR?"
    No, they are not. These vetted and verified marketers on are freelancers who are in full control of their own schedule, full control of the fees that they charge for the proposed projects as well as the types of projects that they wish to take on, if and when there are project matches, whereby they can decline or indicate their interest to participate. They are, however, subject to the Terms of Service and Community Conduct Code in order to maintain the standards and quality that we uphold in providing their services to you via
  • Can I make multiple project requests at the same time?
    Yes you can but for different project briefs meant for different types of projects or campaigns. It is not for 1 project brief to be submitted multiple times as the marketer matches will yield the same results.
  • How is payment issued to the freelance marketers?
    Every marketer that has been approved and on-boarded on will avail their preferred account number to MARQETR to receive payments from business users. Payments will be issued to the experts from the our payment gateway Tazapay escrow account which you have paid into at the start of the project based on the agreed deliverable milestones. The release of the payment happens ONLY when you as the business user gives MARQETR the instruction to issue payment to the Marketing Expert based on satisfactory work delivered. For example: The total project cost = $15,000.00 To be paid equally across 3 milestones. Milestone 1 = $5,000.00, upon delivery of item A. Milestone 2 = $5,000.00, upon delivery of item B. Milestone 3 = $5,000.00, upon delivery of item C. When your marketer delivers item A and you are satisfied with the work and have mutual agreement on the deliverable, you will then trigger payment instruction to MARQETR to release the first $5,000.00 to the marketer. And this process continues until the project is completed and the final disbursement has been made successfully.
  • What happens if the marketer does not meet the deadline/milestone agreed?
    If your Marketer misses the deadline or the agreed milestone, the project is marked as LATE. If 24 hours pass since its been marked as LATE and no follow-ups were done to rectify or pacify the situation, the Marketer will receive a negative rating.
  • After my project is completed, can I leave a review for the marketer?"
    Yes you can. As part of our quality control and assurance to ensure MARQETR remains the special place it is, you will be prompted to provide ratings and feedback on your Marketer after the project has been completed.
  • Do I enjoy any rewards or privileges as a business user?
    Yes, you do but we have yet to launch the program. We are constantly on the look out to offer exclusive rewards or privileges to our business users based on your purchasing trend and quantum of spend on

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