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MARQETR Studios Logo

Welcome to MARQETR Studios, the media production arm of MARQETR.

Launched in November 2022, we are on a mission to tell untold stories about brand builders, marketers, women entrepreneurs and hidden heroes - shining a spotlight and putting the focus on those who have quietly become change-makers and made a positive impact in the community.

Have a project for us to look at? Email us at:

What We Focus On

How We Work With You

We collaborate with you from start to finish. Getting to the heart of the story is what we do. We produce multi-media content, with the aim to change perceptions, change the narratives for a better future, for the brands and the people we work for. We believe that it's in those unseen and unspoken moments that real change and real story take place, and we want to be a part of the team that uncovers it for you and bring your story to life.

Great storytelling takes a village - that's why, we partner and collaborate with a panel of on-demand directors and production houses, to ensure the quality and the essence of your story, is delivered.

Demonstrated Track Record

Our Executive Producer have been a part of these award-winning campaigns and many more, in her previous roles as a consultant and as an in-house marketing lead in various organizations.

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