The Future of Work is Outsourcing


The pandemic has impacted every industry causing businesses to revise budget, amongst many other operational matters in order to manage the impact of the pandemic. To reduce risks and remain viable, companies are striving for financial stability by focusing on revenue generation and outsourcing non-core but necessary functions like their branding and marketing functions. Competition remain fierce regardless of the pandemic, on both local and global levels, so businesses must look for areas they can leverage on that can be advantageous to improving efficiency, reducing human resources costs and scaling productivity - and one of those areas is to adopt outsourcing. Outsourcing can also bring in new capabilities and fresh thinking quickly and efficiently, providing an unlimited amount of opportunities to help your business work smarter, thus enabling growth and innovation.

Why outsource to us?

We are an experienced, dedicated and trusted outsourcing provider who helps companies overcome brand building, marketing activations and customer experience challenges, streamline its processes and add additional resources that may be lacking in-house. By outsourcing to us, it eliminates the need for you to hire or train new employees and/or the support staff and increase occupancy costs and investments in additional office space and equipment. Tapping into our pool of outsourced "on-demand" talent means your company can rapidly scale your workforce and sustain business growth without the need to hire additional full-time employees and increase your overheads. With outsourcing, you and your senior management team can focus your time, attention and resources on your company's core competencies and spend more time setting new goals and finding new ways to achieve them. 

Our outsourcing approach

At Marqetr, we combine outsourcing with remote work, localisation and face-to-face interactions. Localisation, time zones, communications and cultural differences play major roles in delivering time-saving efficiency, collaboration and trust. There are goals, milestones, and development concerns to be communicated constantly and none of it can afford to get lost in translation. Therefore, we strive to remove unnecessary complexities and simplify the communications process to increase productivity through our structured and cohesive project planning and management strategy. 

The RACI Matrix

In project management, there is always one critical success factor (CSF) - and that is the clarity around the roles and responsibilities for each project participant and key stakeholders. To achieve your CSF, RACI Matrix is used - it is the simplest, most effective means for defining and documenting project roles and responsibilities. Knowing exactly who is responsible, who is accountable, who needs to be consulted, and who must be kept informed at every step will significantly improve your chances of project success. The acronym RACI stands for the four roles that stakeholders might play in any project, which clearly identifies who has the responsibility, accountability and who we need to consult and inform, in the process of the project.

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Outsourcing-remote and localisation work combines the intimacy and trust of in-person relationships with the flexibility of having a remote or outsourced team. It also multiplies the person-to-person efficiency of office collaboration with the time-saving efficiency.


Our CIRs, typically, have a minimum of 18 years of combined experience in branding, marketing and customer experience, in strategic or executive roles, with in-depth market and industry knowledge.


Our CIRs also have hands-on experience in leading teams and working closely with Human Resource leaders in growing or grooming talents.

Executive Outsourcing: CMO-In-Residence


Our Chief Marketing Officer-In-Residence (CIR) service brings experienced CMOs on a short-term basis typically for 6-12 months to our clients, (even longer for a more complex scope), and provides expertise to high-growth clients who have a gap in c-level branding and marketing experience within their team. 

CMOs drive strategy for the organisations, own customer relationships from lead to loyalty and become experts in marketing technologies and tools that can accelerate brands and customer engagement, while, the "In-Residence" role is a position popularised by the tech industry and venture capitalists. In recent years, the two roles have been combined and the CIR role became available.


As CIRs, we bring expertise, customer-first passion and focused execution to help our clients align plans to business goals, move faster than they thought possible and bring incredible value and insights to their organisation. 


Our CIR strategic services are tailored to individual clients and can include the following areas:

Brand Builder: Play the lead role in building the foundational aspects of the brand, crafting its purpose, trajectory and its application to products, services and the people.

Customer Champion: Align the organisation around customer centricity. Utilise data insights and analytics to deliver superior, personalised customer experiences and measurable business results.

Growth Driver: Play a leading role in creating and managing a plan to achieve sustainable and profitable growth.


Capability Builder: Develop robust branding and marketing capabilities, for example technology fluency, digital expertise, customer data and insights, data analytics, to help the organisation compete in future marketplaces.

Team Architect: Build team structure based on short-term and long-term needs, identify and place the right talents for the roles within the team to deliver efficiency.

Innovation Catalyst: Create breakthrough customer offerings and advance marketing by using new technology platforms, alternative media, new tools and techniques.

Our CIRs day-to-day services are also tailored to individual clients and can include the following scope:

  • Providing input and support to company's leadership in business development, joint ventures, affiliations and partnership arrangements.

  • Developing and implementing comprehensive branding and marketing plan, both short and long-term range to support the business objectives, across multiple communication disciplines.

  • Developing and managing marketing operating budget and overseeing marketing initiatives across all channels and touchpoints which includes digital channels such as website, social media, as well as print, radio, TV, advertising campaigns and creative services.

  • Establishing and maintaining a consistent corporate brand image throughout all product lines, promotional materials, on-ground or virtual events.

  • Managing and maintaining relationships with various partners to build audience/viewership with the aim to increase awareness of client's products and services as well as industry influencers, thought leaders and strategic partners.

  • Leading and conducting tender or pitch processes with client in relation to advertising, creative and media services to uphold fairness and governance.

  • Representing clients at meetings, tradeshows or related events.

  • Cultivating, engaging and managing press relationships to ensure coverage surrounding special events, public announcements and other projects.

  • Directing the work of external agencies and internal marketing and business development staff and personnel.

  • Preparing progress report on marketing activities for presentation to executive management.

Services offered under our Executive Outsourcing engagements are tailored to individual clients. Please contact us to customise your CIR plan.


Team Outsourcing: Your Brand and Marketing Team

Add value to your workforce and to your organisation's integrative culture for innovation and performance with a trusted outsourcing team. You can choose to outsource a portion or the entire branding and marketing function. Our team works with you to create a strategy based on your business goals and executes the plan either inside or outside of the daily flow, depending on your business needs. You now can have the best of both worlds.

By outsourcing to us, it frees you to focus on the areas and tasks that you need to get done while being kept informed with summaries and reports from us. This way, you are assured that your goals are met, so you can keep looking ahead and move your company forward.

Why outsource to us?​

1. Generate fresh ideas

2. Gain skills and expertise

3. Adjust to on-going needs

4. Create focus

5. Protect the daily flow of work

6. Reduce cost, save money

7. Bridge the knowledge gap

8. Employ best practices, tools and tech

Services offered under Team Outsourcing engagements are tailored to individual clients. Please contact us to customise your outsourcing plan.


Training: Upskill and Reskill Your Team


The skills of your workforce drive your company. Achieve continuous leaning and skills transfer with our experienced trainers for your workforce. This is to enable their ability to leverage on technology, evolve and compete in tomorrow’s marketplace. 

This training session is for teams, and can be run onsite, offsite or online.

Branding, Marketing and Customer Experience Training:

Go back to basics and learn the fundamentals of branding, marketing and customer experience (CX) and how it impacts your business. The training sessions are designed to give you effective, practical skills across all aspects of branding, marketing and/or CX, and will include tools, tips, templates, case studies and best practices, to help you increase value to your business.

Beyond Marketing:

Develop the ability to share data in relation to financial impact, to help create and innovate branding, marketing and customer experience strategy to support business goals.

Customer-Centric Culture:

Develop and nurture customer-centric cultures and customer-first mindset, effective listening to customers, measuring the experience and implement design improvement.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:

Develop soft skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, adaptability and an innovative mindset - highly prized skills as organizations become more digital.

Marketing Technology (MarTech): 

Develop the technology skills necessary from basic digital literacy, social media and digital marketing tools, to how to use automation and artificial intelligence to solve problems.

Services offered under Training engagements are tailored to individual clients. Please contact us to customise your training plan.