Hello USA! We've Landed in the United States of America


On 18th August 2021, MARQETR officially landed in the USA, and we welcome MARQETR Inc. into the group.

MARQETR is now present in Malaysia, Singapore and the United States, the 3 key markets that will support our growth, vision and ambition. Our borderless business model is built to scale, and we intend to fully maximize, its potential.

Our growth however, will be dependent on having the right people onboard with the right skills, attitude and mindset. If you have a global experience or a global business outlook with international standards of planning and execution combined with diplomatic flair, and are keen to get a head start with your application, please email your CV to hr@marqetr.com.

These are the roles that we may be looking to hire soon:

  1. VP of Engineering or Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  2. Business Development

  3. Finance

  4. Operations

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