Hiring Fractional Marketers? Watch Demo Video to See How It Works

MARQETR is marketing hire reimagined. Work the way you want.

At MARQETR, we understand that marketing plays a pivotal role for start-ups and SMBs, however, access and flexibility to connect and hire the right marketers are limited – it is often catered to companies with extensive financial resources. Our solution is rooted in inclusivity, diversity and flexibility by breaking down the barriers to marketing talents, and to democratize the way marketers and businesses connect and collaborate with each other.

FYI, your business user profile on MARQETR is a universal free service, and will remain to be so, which will give you access to 3 best matched marketers based on per project request.

Definition of "Fractional Marketers":

Fractional marketer is similar to freelance marketer or contract work marketer. It allows a marketer to work for multiple clients -- essentially selling pieces of their time or their skills.

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