MARQETR Chooses Carta for Equity and Ownership Management Solution

MARQETR Chooses Carta for Equity Management Solution

One of the pain points for companies, especially a startup like ours is managing our cap table, employee stock options pool (ESOP) and equity grants efficiently. Having a single source of truth to facilitate the issuance of new shares for shareholders and a well managed and automated vesting schedules takes away the hassles of time-consuming administrative tasks, so we can focus on running the business.

After a search for a suitable tool, we found the solution with Carta.

Carta, an equity and ownership management solution, with a stronghold in the USA since 2012, expanded to Asia and started its first operations in Singapore in Q2 2021 and introduced a new product called Carta Launch to help startups and founders. We signed on recently and are pleased with the onboarding process.

”Having a solution like Carta in place at the early stage of our business, will provide us with a good foundation and framework for our equity management. We launched our first round of funding this year and it will not be the last. And we are welcoming our founding teams and early employees too with ESOP. So, before it gets complicated with cap table management, stakeholders on-boarding and investors engagements, we quickly looked for a solution that will prepare us for such events. The team at Carta have been really helpful in getting us get started.” Said Mawarni Adam, Founder and CEO of MARQETR.

Carta also has a strong content strategy and a robust library of resources to help its clients become more savvy in the subject matter - this was one of the key reasons why we chose Carta too.



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