• Mawarni Adam | Founder & CEO

Our First 111 Days | Key Milestones

Hello everyone! It's been 111 days since we revived the consultancy in Malaysia and in the last 111 days, we have had quite a few milestones. I know we had earlier planned for the first 100 days but I wanted to wait for a few more agendas to come to fruition before we publish an update.

Since our launch on 11 January 2021, our website traffic has been organically and steadily increasing, with interests and enquiries on brand transformation and communication assignments coming mainly from financial services sector, touching on topics like digital banking, insurtech, fintech, takaful and cryptocurrency. The second and third biggest enquiries came from edutech and healthtech sectors. The team's collective years of professional experience in financial institutions, and the way we market ourselves so far, may have a lot to do with this reception.

Over 60% of our website traffic came from LinkedIn and direct sources, with each visitor spending an average of 5 minutes per session and reading 1.8 pages per session. According to a study done by a digital marketing agency in the USA, that for a good average session duration, the industry standard is 2 - 3 minutes, and reading 2 pages per session. Using these data as benchmark, we are performing above average in terms of duration per session, but falls slightly below in terms of number of pages read per session - this is a challenge that we are looking forward to tackle, in order to improve these basic metrics.

Since the beginning, Marqetr (formerly known as M Consulting Asia) has focused on making a difference for companies and individuals, in terms of how their brands are positioned, marketed and the impact of the overall customer experience. While we have the benefit of recent knowledge and experience in the financial services industry, we are working hard to ensure that our communication and approach covers more industries, and that we stay current and relatable to the local markets. We aim to reflect more of these expansions in the coming months with the formation of our inaugural panel of consultants and strategists, which will consist of individuals with a diverse background, in-depth knowledge in their field of expertise and years of professional experience.

The year 2020 was difficult for most businesses and we share similar sentiment as many others that it may continue to be so until the vaccine has been fully rolled-out. Work-from-home (WFH) or remote work has become the new norm and we have seen the accelerated shift happening towards outsourcing non-core or non-essential functions, which includes the brand and marketing functions. This shift may be happening so companies can manage their budgets better as to not just survive the pandemic, but also thrive in the post-covid world. This is where we come in and can add value in terms of strategic advise, project management and outsourcing solutions.

Service Offerings

We are first foremost strategic advisors. Now, we know that it is a big and general term to call ourselves, so please allow me to narrow it down further. We are at this juncture, a boutique consultancy, a specialist advisory in branding, marketing and customer experience, mainly for companies in the financial services sector, whether they are startup, SMEs or legacy brands, who are looking to build or rebuild their brands from the core to the outer, customer facing layers.

At the commencement of a confirmed project or assignment, we would analyze the current state of the brand, break it down to smaller actionable items, create some sense around it and recommend the best course of action or strategy to improve it. Sometimes, clients are satisfied with the strategic advisory work and will activate it themselves. However, we have had a fair amount of requests from our clients to help them execute the strategy or the plan that we came up with for them. This is where we will engage our pre-approved panel of partners or agencies, to collaborate with us to make our client's project a success. We then, transition from our role as a strategic advisor, to become a project manager or an outsourcing partner, where we will provide oversight and hands-on guidance to the project partners and agencies for the entire duration of the assignment.

On our website, you will see three distinct portfolios which reflect our current service offerings:

  1. For businesses which involves strategy and consulting.

  2. For teams which involves outsourcing and training.

  3. For individuals which involves personal branding plans.


We were asked by a few people, why did we rebrand to Marqetr from M Consulting Asia. The short answer is, we have simply outgrown it. It served its purpose in 2015 when it was first founded and the years that followed under the sole proprietor set-up, but it does not fit with the new vision of the business now and moving forward. With an asset-light approach, digitally driven and a lean business model, the old M Consulting Asia brand was limiting to scale and lacked global appeal. So by going back to basics and looking at the fundamentals of who we are, what we are about, why are we doing this and where we want to go from here, the word "marketer" is the common thread and a recurring theme. In its original form, it is a common everyday term, and so with a slight play-on-word, while still maintaining the same pronunciation, MARQETR was born. A quick search for a dotcom domain revealed that it was still available, so we purchased it and made the necessary changes across all of our brand assets in February 2021.

Inaugural Advisory Board

One of the critical learnings that I got from the founding years of the consultancy back in 2015 was how crucial it was to have strong advisors around me. As a founder and a business owner, the advisory board functions as a sounding board and as a check and balance to the operations and growth of the business. And so, with the revived consultancy this time around, putting together a solid advisory board was one of my top priorities. The hunt for the right Advisors began in December 2020, and intensified in February and March 2021 where the full quorum of Advisors was finally confirmed and announced on 29 March 2021. I am extremely proud of the board and are grateful that they are willing to share their time and expertise.

Our inaugural advisory board members are:

  • Greg Paull, Principal and Co-Founder of R3 Worldwide.

  • Lynette Ang, Former CMO of Sentosa Development Corporation Singapore.

  • Nicky Lim, Former Group CEO of Dentsu International Malaysia Group.

  • Siegtraund Teh, Chief Growth Officer at Unilever Marketplace.

  • Fiorenza Plinio, Global Head of Creative Excellence at Cannes Lions.

Building a Partners Ecosystem

We have been getting enquiries and receiving interests to collaborate, from individuals, businesses and agencies. As such, we decided to create an invitation, open it to public to submit their Expression of Interest (EOI). I highly recommend that interested parties to please submit your EOI by the 30 April 2021 deadline. The next invitation may only be open in 1 or 2 years time, so please take advantage of this open window and submit via the online forms, as stated below. Public announcement of the finalised panels will be done on 31 May 2021.

  1. Panel of Partners and Agencies: Click here.

  2. Panel of Independent Consultants and Strategists: Click here.

Hello Singapore

On 30 March 2021, we expanded the family and welcomed MARQETR PTE. LTD. to the group. As published in our recent announcement, it is in line with the vision of the business to scale our presence and serve clients not just around the region, but also the world. We are extremely excited about this ambitious move but are proceeding cautiously given the situation with the pandemic and the recovery of the global economy. We are taking advantage of this period to build and fortify the foundation of the business, so we will be ready when the borders open up, when regular travel resumes again and the economy is back in full swing.

We are looking at replicating about 60-70% of our approach in Malaysia to Singapore, while allowing about 30-40% flexibility in listening and responding to the local trends and nuances. We are looking forward to working closely with one of our Advisors, Lynette Ang who is the former CMO of Sentosa Development Corporation, to help us navigate and hopefully achieve a small breakthrough in Singapore.

Before I sign-off, Ramadhan month is just around the corner from the date of this publication, so I would like to wish all our Muslim clients, partners, colleagues, friends and family, Selamat Berpuasa and Salam Ramadhan.

Thank you.

With best wishes,

Mawarni Adam

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Marqetr is a performance branding, integrated marketing and customer experience consultancy, helping C-Levels, professionals, small-businesses and corporate clients elevate their brands through strategic advisory and planning, as well as oversight on execution, measuring and reporting. Founded in January 2015 by Mawarni Adam, an award-winning brand builder and a seasoned marketer, Marqetr is rapidly becoming synonymous with brand, marketing and CX transformations, and change management.

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