• Team Marqetr

Welcome to Our New VP of Operations

Christine Ngiam joins our team today as Vice President of Operations.

Christine graduated with a Law degree and spent over 10 years of her career in the financial services industry as a Compliance officer and a manager. Three years ago, she made the courageous move to transition into her new career path and joined a brand and marketing team at an insurance company, where she honed her skills in marketing operations and digital marketing. With her compliance ethics and sensibility, combined with her newfound interest in marketing, she excelled in her new role and helped the team win local and regional branding and marketing awards. We are thrilled to have her with us in our next phase of growth. Welcome aboard Christine!

Read more about what she has to say regarding her transition into marketing, why she decided to join us and the impact she hopes to achieve in her new role.

Team Marqetr: What about transitioning into marketing that you like best?

Christine: What I like best about marketing is that it is all about creativity, especially in solving communication challenges and engaging with audiences through a combination of well-crafted visual, audio and written words. It was daunting to me at first but with patience and perseverance, and the time and space I was given to learn, to make mistakes and to try again at the beginning, my transition into marketing was an experience that I still rejoice until today and do not regret. The transition also entails learning opportunities in digital marketing campaign and strategic planning which I believe was timely in order to reskill myself in the digital world we are in.

Team Marqetr: What made you join Marqetr?

Christine: It is a start-up company with a potential for growth. Although it is newly revived from its dormancy, the core team members have a long history of proven track record throughout the years, both in entrepreneurial and corporate worlds - this gave me not only the confidence to join the team but also to embark on an exciting new opportunity to make a difference and immerse myself more in the field of branding, marketing operations and marketing technology.

Team Marqetr: What impact do you hope to achieve in your new role?

Christine: I hope Marqetr's internal, external processes and technology will operate smoothly with minimal friction, that we will provide quality services at all times, to achieve and maintain overall operational efficiency for a pleasant customer experience. In short, to ensure everything function like clockwork!

Say hello to Christine at christine@marqetr.com or her LinkedIn profile.