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MARQETR Pro Photography

Pro Photography

Showcase Your Marketer Profile

Increase Your Hireability

Up to 80%* increase in chance of being selected or hired for projects on MARQETR with professional photos of your marketer's profile.

Highlight Your Personality

80%* believe it’s an important ranking factor and respondents surveyed agree a candidate’s profile picture helps them get to know the person better.

Let Them Know You're a Pro

Professionalism is king with over 87%* of our respondents indicated that picture professionalism is essential when rating profile pictures.

Win Over Business Owners

Over 90%* of business owners seemed to favour candidates with better-looking profile pictures and consider it an important ranking factor.

First Impressions Matter

A first impression can possibily get you selected or hired for projects on MARQETR, or at the least, will increase your chances of landing it. Let a local photographer capture your professional profile in the best way. We help you connect with local professional photographers that can help you transform your profile photos to stand out to business users.

Bad profile - no photo

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MARQETR | Profile Photo Don'ts

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MARQETR | Profile Photo Dos

Solo professional photo

MARQETR | Profile Photo Don'ts

No family photo

Photography That Pays Itself

Recover Your Cost When You Get Selected or Hired

Enjoy 100% reimbursement of your photography cost. Claim this one-time exclusive offer when you get selected or hired for projects on MARQETR.* 

How It Works

Submit Request

Submit your request here. After entering your 'Marketer ID' and choosing your preferred local photographer, you'll receive a follow-up email with a price quote. Click the link in the email to make payment and confirm your photoshoot.

Schedule Your Photoshoot

Once you have made payment, we will connect you with your preferred local photographer. They will contact you either via email, text messaging or phone to schedule a date for the photoshoot.

Preparation & Photoshoot

MARQETR Pro Photography package does not include hair and make-up cost. Prepare your own or feel free to make additional arrangement* with your local photographer. The photoshoot will take 30 minutes to an hour.

Publishing & Reimbursement

The images will be published to your profile once retouching is complete. You will be reimbursed for the cost when you get selected or hire for projects on MARQETR. Full cost reimbursement is possible with one or two completed projects.

A professional photography session

How to Find My Marketer ID

Go to your Marketer Dashboard and click Edit Profile. Then, go to Additional Information section and find your Marketer ID there.

Marketer ID screenshot 1.png
Marketer ID screenshot 2.png

Professional Photography Service Supplemental Terms. When you participate in this service, you acknowledge and agree:

  • To have a third party local photographer of your choice from our list of approved pro photographers, to photograph your profile;

  • To have a professional editor retouch the photos; and

  • To have your professional photo uploaded to your Marketer page without prior review.

  • MARQETR will own the professional photographs and may use the photos in its discretion, for any business purpose, including without limitation, advertising, marketing, merchandising or any other business purposes, throughout the world, in any and all media. and MARQETR grants to you a non-exclusive, limited, revocable, royalty-free, perpetual license to use the professional photos on the MARQETR Platform for the sole purpose of advertising and promoting your Marketer Profile or as a Content Contributor on MARQETR.

  • Your participation in this service is subject to the MARQETR Terms of Service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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