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If you need any assistance with your account, payment or have a general enquiry, please contact our team at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Frequently Asked Questions

MARQETR Experts Vetting

We review experts across industries and categories with a screening process that includes discussions or conversations with MARQETR team members, and a review of the individual’s profile submitted through the sign-up form and/or past work completed through MARQETR. Please note that Expert Vetting is not an indication of an Expert’s ability to complete your particular project. It’s still the client's responsibility to ensure that you’re engaging the right Marketing Expert for the assignment. The Marketing Expert's performance however, is reflected in their rating and feedback from past clients.​

Can I search for Marketing Experts on MARQETR before I submit a project request?

Currently, we do not have that option but we will be looking into it as a potential platform enhancement in Phase 2.

How do I sign up for MARQETR's Marketing Experts Marketplace as a Client?

To access as a client, visit the sign-up page to create an account and accept MARQETR’s Terms of Use.

How do I sign up for MARQETR's Marketing Experts Marketplace as a Marketer or a Marketing Firm/Consultancy/Agency?

To access as a Marketer or a Marketing Firm/Consultancy/Agency, visit the sign-up page and fill-up the questionnaire to submit your interest. Please note, you will go through the MARQETR Experts Vetting and screening before you are approved. An official MARQETR account will be created for you upon approval and you will receive your confirmation via email.

How does the order process work, and when do Marketing Experts get paid?
When a Client confirms an assignment, they pay MARQETR. Once that assignment is completed, 80% of the funds are assigned to the Marketing Expert's account and will remain in a "pending" status for a 7-day clearing period. This time frame is for financial processing and to ensure Client satisfaction. After this period, the funds will be marked as "cleared" and will be banked into Marketing Expert's account.

Is there a Community Standard that all users of MARQETR need to abide by?

Yes there is and we take this very seriously. These Community Standards establish a shared standard for professional behavior for Clients and Marketing Experts accessing MARQETR’s Marketing Expert Marketplace. The success of every engagement on MARQETR’s Marketing Expert Marketplace is highly dependent on the professional behavior of the parties involved, particularly the Clients and the Marketing Experts.  

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