Marketer Types

Our on-demand marketing experts have skills and experiences across a wide range of solutions and services. Choose the marketing service that you need and get in touch with us to be matched and then meet with the right marketing experts. 

Part-time CMO

A part-time CMO (or Chief Marketing Officer) is an executive who can assist you with long-term growth and process improvement. They will provide you with veteran-level marketing expertise for a fraction of the expense of a full-time job. Part-time CMOs is an excellent concept for any startup as well as most mid-sized B2B and B2C enterprises presently in operation. Large corporations frequently use outsourced CMOs to provide an independent perspective on their internal marketing initiatives.

Part-time CXO

A part-time CXO (or Chief Experience Officer) is an executive who is in charge of the entire experience of a company's goods and services, giving the same degree of experience as full-time CXOs, but they also provide flexibility and cost reductions to meet the demands of smaller and developing businesses. Hiring a full-time CXO is beyond the demands and financial capabilities of early stage, growing, and small firms, therefore a part time CXO is a better match without sacrificing the skills, leadership, and strategic understanding of a full-time appointment.

Brand Marketer

A brand marketer is someone who specializes in promoting a brand's products or services in such a manner that the brand as a whole is elevated. It involves developing strategies and maintaining brand-consumer interactions as well as marketing brand attribute which is the characteristics that people associate with a certain brand across print, broadcast and online platforms to ensure that products and services meet customers' expectations and to build the credibility of brands, and analyzing performance reports.

Digital Marketer

A Digital Marketer is an expert who uses digital platforms to reach customers, raise brand recognition, and market products and services. Digital Marketers wear multiple hats due to the unique blend of planning, creativity, and strategy that their specialty requires. To keep on top of the ever-growing digital media platforms they utilize to build, implement, manage, and track campaigns, they typically would have must mastered a wide range of skills and technologies to stay current and on-pulse with the latest trends.

Growth Marketer

A Growth Marketer is an expert who conducts continuous, iterative testing along the funnel and utilizes the findings to create data-driven plan adjustments that improve key performance indicators from A/B testing, updating creative content, managing paid search and social acquisition channels, building out referral programmes, optimizing email nurturing campaigns and send timings, and working through traditional marketing programmes and campaigns. They monitor and report incremental changes to see how they affect the whole funnel.

Content Marketer

A Content Marketer is in an expert in content strategy, production, distribution and execution. Similar to a Digital Marketer, Content Marketers have to stay current and up to date on content trends - what's hot and what's not, what's relevant and impactful to the brand by being in charge of creating an editorial calendar that includes social media posts, case studies, research, tweets, blogs, videos, white papers, checklists, infographics, emails, letters, webinars, presentations, web text, and a variety of other creative forms of communication.

SEO Marketer

An SEO Marketer (or Search Engine Optimization) specialist is a marketing professional that do research and analysis in order to increase a website's ranking on search engines such as Google. SEO Marketer identify the most popular and relevant keywords used in search engine searches and incorporate them into websites, assisting search engines in finding and displaying those sites to online visitors. They often double as or work closely with a Digital or a Content Marketer to ensure best SEO results.

Product Marketer

A Product Marketer primary role is to promote the value of a product to the target audience. This is accomplished by a mixture of strategy and ideation, such as deciding on the mix of marketing material for development and dissemination. Product Marketers are experts in designing and managing marketing campaign budgets, collaborating with content creators to create material that represents the product and brand image, as well as maintaining a content calendar and setting a plan.

In-bound Marketer

An Inbound Marketer is an expert of the entire inbound marketing plan. This entails managing a time-sensitive programme or campaign with weekly deliverables, as well as continuous SEO, strategy, and inter-team communications. An Inbound Marketer's responsibilities include handling many campaigns at the same time by creating buyers personas, conduct keyword research, and plan campaigns, as well as revisit it all and analyze all contents, check in with PPC and create an A/B testing strategy, strategize and build sustainable workflows.

Full Stack Marketer

A Full Stack Marketer is an expert who is well-versed in all facets of digital marketing, can create a comprehensive digital marketing plan that is appropriate for a brand, and then implements that plan. Experienced in various domains, such as writing and blogging, research, web development, web design, analytics and reporting, growth hacking, influencer marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, email marketing, landing page creation and optimization, social media marketing, optimization for mobile, partnership acquisition and research, PR and customer service.

Retention Marketer

A Retention Marketer's major purpose is to drive repeat purchases and higher product usage from existing consumers. In the case of an e-commerce or on-demand product, this implies encouraging customers to return to your website or app in order to make recurring, higher-value purchases. In the case of a subscription service, this implies urging users to keep their membership active or upgrading to a more sophisticated plan. Retention marketing tactics can target either existing, active consumers or churned clients who need to be re-activated.

Social Media Marketer

A Social Media Marketer is an expert in utilizing social media platforms to promote a company's products and services. They frequently utilize social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and latest channels to reach out to new consumers, communicate with existing ones, and introduce new products or services to targeted audience. Similar to a Digital Marketer or a Content Marketer, a Social Media Marketer has to stay up to date and on trend in using social media to promote a company’s product offerings.

eCommerce Marketer

An eCommerce Marketer is an expert in leveraging eCommerce marketing in making sales by creating and increasing awareness about an online store. To attract visitors and encourage transactions online, an eCommerce Marketer might use digital content, social media platforms, search engines, and email marketing by channeling and exposing the buyer to a wide range of purchasing options while also allowing them to become acquainted with a specific brand. eCommerce website marketing is frequently regarded as a win-win situation.

Event Marketer

An Event Marketer is an expert in planning, organizing, and executing an event for the purpose of promoting a brand, product, or service which includes managing a team of event planners and consulting with the company’s marketing and sales strategists to determine how to successfully produce experiential public or private events, such as pop-ups, tastings, or openings. An Event Marketer responsibility is to drive interest in an event including customer forums, regional events, and in-house conference – with a focus on attendee experience, business impact and ROI.

Influencer Marketer

An Influencer Marketer is an expert in involving a brand collaboration with an online influencer to market one of its products or services, to improve brand recognition. Influencer marketing used by an Influencer Marketer is a combination of traditional and contemporary marketing techniques. It incorporates the concept of celebrity endorsement into a modern content-driven marketing strategy. In the case of influencer marketing, the primary differentiation is that the campaign results in collaborations between companies and influencers.

Affiliate Marketer

An Affiliate Marketer is an expert in creating a campaign or programme for a brand to recruit and engage partners or referrals who will get paid by advertising, promoting or referring company’s product or services to their database or audience and generate sales or sign-ups from such campaign. Affiliates may place ads or market the products or services on their social media channels, website, app, or blog. Commissions or rewards are paid on leads that convert to sales or achieved specific criteria and milestones.

CX Marketer

A CX Marketer is an expert responsible in managing a great service framework to both new and existing clients. They typically work closely with Operations and Marketing departments to determine consumer requirements, answer to customer inquiries, and work with internal departments to improve customer service and brand recognition. Ensuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES) through the customer journey are among the main responsibilities of a CX Marketer on a day-to-day basis.