AirAsia Academy and MARQETR Announce Partnership

Connecting Upskilled and Reskilled Marketers with On-Demand Marketing Project Opportunities of SMEs

AirAsia Academy and MARQETR Announce Partnership


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia | 30 June, 2022: AirAsia Academy, a leading on-demand e-learning service provider, and MARQETR, an on-demand marketplace for marketing experts, today announced the partnership between the two platforms to streamline the process of opportunity matching and placements, and enrolments to marketing e-learning courses.

The synergy and alignment of vision between AirAsia Academy’s upskilling and reskilling of workers, and MARQETR’s mission to simplify access to marketing experts for businesses, especially for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), allows both companies to quickly optimize their products and services offerings through rapid sharing, referring and matching. Both companies aim to fulfil the following goals and objectives via this partnership:

  1. Placements: Connecting graduates who are marketing certified from AirAsia Academy to MARQETR’s portal, upon their completion of courses to prepare themselves for on-demand project opportunities of SMEs.

  2. Reskill: As a way for MARQETR to channel rejected applicants of who does not have any marketing experience/skillset, to reskill and gain marketing knowledge at AirAsia Academy before applying again to join MARQETR.

  3. Quality assurance: As a way for MARQETR to channel existing marketing experts on the platform to increase their performance ratings by getting certified at AirAsia Academy to improve their chances at project matches.

There is a gap in the industry between connecting and matching the right marketing talents to businesses, namely the high-skilled marketing talents who were once traditionally accessible by large companies with huge financial resource only, leaving startups and SMEs to their own devices and to fend for themselves, with no solid and sustainable alternative solution. MARQETR, a 2-sided platform was built to solve this problem by simplifying access of marketing experts for businesses, and creating a better and easier way of working together. MARQETR aims to disrupt the existing marketing experts search model and democratize the marketing industry, creating a win-win environment for SMEs and marketers. According to a study, there is an estimated 64,000 startups and 6.4Million SMEs currently in the region, and an estimated 440,000 marketers regionally, who have made the shift to freelance and flexible work. That number is expected to grow significantly in 2022.

Dr. Ram Raj, the Director of Strategy and Innovation of AirAsia Academy said,

“Close to 23% of our graduates are of marketing or marketing related skills, and by partnering with MARQETR, we aim to avail more opportunities, more avenues for our graduates to gain work experience by matching them with the right marketing projects of SMEs that suit their skillsets and experience. MARQETR’s innovative, inclusive and diverse approach to marketing talents within a supported ecosystem of their marketplace platform that they have built, matches our aggressive approach of staying on pulse of consumers’ needs, and we couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with MARQETR.”

Mawarni Adam, Founder and CEO of MARQETR added,

“We are extremely proud and honoured to be partnering with AirAsia Academy. As a platform for fractional marketing experts, maintaining quality and performance is of the utmost importance to us. Which is why, partnering with AirAsia Academy will not only guarantee access to their marketing graduates and their curated list of the latest e-learning marketing courses, but will also enable us to be a part of their focus on innovation and up and coming marketing and technology skills, which will further guarantee that our marketing experts will stay up to date and be in the forefront of the ever-changing dynamics and skill-set demands of the marketing industry.”

The partnership between AirAsia Academy and MARQETR will help SMEs gain access to vetted and verified on-demand marketing talents, and to prepare and empower these marketing talents for the future of work, especially for those who are interested in making the shift to remote and flexible way of working. The partnership is already LIVE and is available for SMEs to tap into AirAsia Academy marketing talents via MARQETR, and for new sign-ups and existing marketers on MARQETR to get access to AirAsia Academy marketing courses to upskill themselves.

To get started, business users, and marketing talents ranging from the aspiring marketers, marketers who are making a career comeback, marketing agencies and consultancies looking to add a new distribution channel, individuals from the rising stars to the veterans of the marketing industry, can create a free account on

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About AirAsia Academy

AirAsia Academy is a one-stop tech, leadership and innovation academy aimed at supercharging the digital economy within the ASEAN region. Together with Google Cloud, AirAsia Academy is disrupting the conventional education space by bridging the gap between Tertiary Education and Advanced Industries within the ASEAN region. AirAsia Academy fills in the vacuum that has existed in the past decades by up-skilling and re-skilling the workforce with what’s relevant in the industry today, making our students highly employable, simultaneously equipping them with skill sets required for the modern era. Launched in October 2020, AirAsia Academy has worked with various Non-government Organisations (NGOs) to reskill their staff in software engineering, blockchain and data. The Academy also set up the BINA Digital Programme in collaboration with Google to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) digitise their businesses where over 1,000 SMEs have been trained thus far.


MARQETR is a tech-enabled on-demand marketing experts marketplace. Operating like the “uber of marketing”, powered by a smart-matching algorithm, we help businesses, from Startups, SMEs to Corporations save time and money, and be in control of their marketing cost and resources by providing access to vetted and verified on-demand high-skilled marketers. We also help marketers be in control of their marketing careers where they can work flexibly and earn income their way, anytime and anywhere. We are on the mission to simplify access to marketing experts for businesses and create a better and easier way of working together. MARQETR is present in the United States, Malaysia and Singapore.

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