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We Tell Stories We Love

We put Asian and Asian-American women who are innovators, changemakers and brand builders, at the heart of every story that we create, celebrate, and discover.

Discovering Stories
 Hiring Creative Talents
Impacting Lives

Shining a Light on Women

MARQETR is on a mission to create, produce and market content that not only gives a nod to the past, but also empowers the present of where women are, and shines a light on the path forward for them.

Real Women, Real Stories

MARQETR draws inspirations from Asian and Asian-American women authors, books and real-life stories, and turn them into a book club, podcasts and short series.

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Empowering Others

Powered by freelance creative talents from the USA and Malaysia to bring these stories to life, we consequently hope to empower everyone around us through these uplifting stories and job opportunities.

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How It Works

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Changing the Narrative for Asian and Asian-American Women

Founded by Mawarni Adam, MARQETR aims to connect with like-minded souls through the stories of women like us, celebrate who and where we are in our journey, and change the narrative together. 

MARQETR's milestones at a glance:

Dec 2020 : Founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a 2-sided internet marketplace platform for businesses to connect to top marketing freelance talents.  

Aug 2021 : Raised our first external funding via equity crowdfunding (ECF).

Sept 2022 : MARQETR Inc. was incorporated in the USA and the company shifted focus to North America for fundraising initiatives and basic operations.

Sept 2023 : Pivoted our business model to become a content production and marketing company focusing on Asian and Asian-American women, powered by top creative freelance talents.

Sept - Nov 2023 : Raising our second external funding via venture capital.

According to the United Nations (World Population Prospects), August 2021, there are approximately 2.3 billion Asian women in the world.

As published by the in 2019, there are nearly 12 million Asian-American women in the United States of America.

Little Known Facts

That's 2.3 billion stories waiting to be discovered!

That's 12 million stories waiting to be celebrated!

Storytelling has the power to inspire and ignite change that can make a positive difference in the way Asian and Asian-American women show up in the world and elevate each other.


Founder of MARQETR


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